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Branding Session with Cupcakes the Galleria

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

Well look at that! Wouldn’t be so delicious to eat a cupcake every time you want? Because I would eat one or two every day (no shame!)

Branding Session with Cupcakes the Galleria

I really enjoyed working with Cupcakes The Galleria! Denise is the baker and creator. She bakes different type of cupcakes, she can do vegan, gluten free and no dairy cupcakes (YES, right?!) It was such a fun time to work with this amazing lady. She taught me one or two things about cupcakes (which I cant tell the secret ingredients, haha!)

The best part of doing a branding session is that I got to experience once again her delicious cupcakes, design and style for this session. To all local small business out there: I would love to work with you! Let's do a fun branding session!

#branding #smallbusiness #brandingphotography

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