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Makeup Photo Shoot Collaboration

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Every little girl's favorite fun thing to do is putting makeup on... (Not every girl) but I grew up loving makeup! At a young age I always played with makeup. I could never leave the house without blush and mascara on. I can now say, I learned so much through out the years that I have my girl friends and family calling me to help them with their makeup on special occasion (haha!)

This time, I did not play to be a makeup artist but I put together a Makeup photo shoot with a very lovely makeup artist who is so talented! Her name is Wendy Bolanos (@bolanosbeauty), she graduated from Axel Makeup Academy last year and is now part of the academy team! She literally took my idea to reality! We have been talking about this for months and we finally did it!

Our first look was a natural soft pink to bring simplicity to our model (Amber Kilpatrick)

Second and most important look was this beautiful flower headpiece that we found inspiration from one of my favorite photographers! (Paul Vonrieter)

Amber is one of my good friends, who helped me create this beautiful flower headpiece. We had so much fun putting this together.

I will be showing a quick tutorial on how we did this headpiece soon!

And our final look was full of color! We wanted to expand the makeup to brighten her eyes, creating this beautify look.

Special thanks to Wendy and Amber for being part of this project!

I hope you guys enjoyed these photos :)

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