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Rebranding My Website

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Why did I rebrand my website? Well, just because it was very outdated, missing a lot of elements and I felt the urge to start from 0 doing things right. Luckily one of my friends (who I look up too very much) worked with me to re-do my page the right way. Glor is owner of Always Creating Digital among other business she owns, I admire her dedication and effort to make my idea come to life. She is this amazing entrepreneur who is very experienced in this field and has guided me to where I needed to know. I was able to understand how to do a business plan, learn more about marketing and social media so I am prepare to grow my business every day.

I want to do what I love and what I am most passionate about is doing photography. I love creating fun and artistic content. I enjoy working with people who likes to be in front of the camera and knows how important is capturing special and unique moments.

Cheers! For a new chapter in my life and for the future opportunities that I will have to work with amazing people.

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