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A Sunrise Brooklyn Bridge Elopement

This New York City couple, Liz and Paul, had a romantic sunrise elopement at the iconic Brooklyn Bridge. Their elopement was filled with so many romantic, candid, and authentic photos.

Sunrise Brooklyn Bridge Elopement

The Sunrise Brooklyn Bridge Elopement Plan

Liz and Paul knew they wanted the Brooklyn Bridge to themselves. What better way to elope than at sunrise?! This time was perfect for two reasons - the lighting and the privacy. They wanted their ceremony to be between them, so they opted out of ceremony photos. The plan was to meet after the ceremony for portraits on the bridge. Additionally, I partnered with a florist friend,, to help coordinate the flowers and details of their attire. She also helped with styling and collaborated with me to create some beautiful bride and groom portraits.

A Sophisticated Elopement Style

Liz and Paul are a sweet, lovely, and stylish couple. Liz wore a stunning knee-length off-white silk dress. She sleeked back her hair into a low bun, and she wore teardrop pearl earrings. Liz paired her dress with ankle-strapped pumps and wore a long gorgeous veil. Her outfit was the quintessential elopement bride look. Paul went for a classic black suit with a black tie. Both of their attire were modern and simple - perfect for their New York elopement.

Brooklyn Bridge Elopement Portraits

The Brooklyn Bridge holds a special place for Liz and Paul; therefore, it was essential to capture intimate and joyful portraits there. Their energy was infectious; they were playful, authentic, and just so in love. We were able to shoot so many modern, romantic, and fun moments. Paul, at one point, brought out his goofy side and made Liz laugh for a few photos, which I love capturing! While on the bridge, the couple was feeling spontaneous and wanted to shoot more at the Dumbo - Manhattan Bridge View. So off we went to a second location for their elopement.

Dumbo Manhattan Bridge Portraits

The walk from the Brooklyn Bridge to this location was not short. The bride, Liz, came prepared, like a true New Yorker, and changed into some flats to make the journey. Paul, being the true gentleman, carried her bouquet and veil to the second location. I captured this moment because, in all honestly, you have to keep it real! And this is a memory they can joke about for many years! Since we started so early, they could still have this space for themselves for the most part. The Dumbo Manhattan Bridge is such an iconic spot for portraits, and these pictures did not disappoint. It was the perfect way to end Liz and Paul's New York Elopement.

Are you ready to elope in the New York City? Learn more about me, and let's connect to turn your dream into a reality.

Andrea Salazar Photography | New York Elopement Photographer | Destination Elopement Photographer

Check out the rest of Liz and Paul's Brooklyn Bridge Elopement below

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