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DC Cherry Blossom Engagement | Evans & Carolina

Evans & Carolina's cherry blossom engagement session took place in Washington DC during peak session at the Tidal Basin. This is truly a magical time to capture photos in the spring time!

cherry blossom photoshoot

Cherry Blossom Engagement Inspiration

Evan & Carolina were very strategic about their engagement -- here's why! First, they decided to have to their session on a weekday during low crowd hours. This will be very helpful, because you have to remember that thousands or more people travel every year to view the beauty of the trees. This leaves more chances for lots of people in the background. Another great thing they planned was their outfits. Carolina wore a white dress with a cherry blossom flower and Evan wore a white shirt and khakis. Their cherry blossom photo outfits really enhanced the trees which was a goal of theirs!

cherry blossom photoshoot

Spring DC Cherry Blossom Portraits

We wanted to utilize all of the grounds, so we walked around the Tidal Basin and surrounding grounds. The pink blossoms were so vibrant and they were definitely the focal point of our photos. Evans & Carolina were so playful and romantic, and we captured a ton of candid engagement poses!

Are you looking to have a DC cherry blossom photoshoot?

I'm so here for it -- I truly enjoyed Evans & Carolina's romantic shoot and I want to create the same magic for you! I'm an experience dc engagement and wedding photographer, and I would love to connect with you and shot the love between you and your partner! If you want to check out my other work, check out my blog for inspiration. Learn more about me to see if we would be a great fit. In the meantime, follow me on Instagram & Pinterest to keep up with my latest adventures and work.


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